Coalesce BFA Portfolio Showcase

This invitation advertises UH Mānoa’s 2019 BFA Graphic Design Portfolio Showcase. The design is based on concepts from design production and the generation of digital graphics. Elements and features found on programs like Adobe Illustrator and Indesign, such as the rotate function and pathfinder tool, provided a kit of parts for the different sections of the invitation. The logotype coalesces from different layered and textured pieces that, like the members of the class, interact to create a design and message. All other text uses Univers, the typeface that forms the basis of the earliest typographic exercises that a student encounters in the program.

The outside of the invitation was designed by Lisa Chong, Nāpua Wang, and Lauren Yee. The inside was designed in collaboration with Herman Jönsson and Mylan Tran.

Identities, Invitations