Fleurie: Nature and Femininity in an Industrial World

This imagined exhibit features the work of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha. More specifically, it focuses on his art nouveau representation of women in natural environments at a time of great industrialization. Mucha did much of his work, especially his most recognizable posters, in Paris. Fleurie is the feminine version of a french word meaning “covered in flowers, flowered, or flowery.” This event identity includes a self-mailable save-the-date card, a main invite with an envelope and nested RSVP card, and an artist’s portfolio-style package. The shape and fold of the main invite is inspired by the blossoming movement of flowers. There are also three types of event badges – one for VIPs, one for guests, and one for event staff – which fold out into three different mini posters with information about the language of flowers from the Mucha era. The badges also include information about the different events and activities involved in the exhibition, as well as a map of the venue. The identity has also been extended to application on a mobile app and a social media platform (snapchat filter).   

Identities, Invitations