Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board Identity

A client project with the Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board produced two proposed identities. JUSTICE + WISDOM was chosen by the client to move forward for further development, though it was not the identity ultimately adopted for use by the board.

This design focuses on the concepts of Justice and Wisdom, with primary inspiration taken from the kukui tree and traditional symbols of justice. The seal aims to blend Hawaiian interpretations of wisdom and authority with those of the Western judicial system. The three figures represent the three members of the Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board.

Borrowing patterns and shapes from the Hawaiian weaving tradition, WOVEN UNITY uses abstracted patterns and shapes to symbolize the three members of the Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board, both as people and as the sectors they represent. This design embodies the interconnection and unity inherent in lauhala weaving, as well as the concept of collaborative decision-making.

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